Dear Alice,

You know when you get a cold and you have to blow your nose a lot and it gets all sore from rubbing it over and over again with a Kleenex? Do you know of any kind of cream or something that you can put on your nose to help soothe the soreness caused by frequent nose blowing? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Red Nose

Dear Red Nose,

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…Well, many people might know your nose wiping and blowing blues. The sore nose that can come along with a cold can get anyone’s nose out of joint. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help soothe a sore nose so you can sing a different tune:

  • Go easy: Soreness around your nose is caused from friction as your nose rubs up against a tissue, which can also lead to chapping. Try blotting tissue to your nose to go easier on your skin.
  • Choose wisely: Some kinds of tissues are designed specifically to soften the blows. Often formulated with lotion, aloe, and/or vitamin E, these tissues can also cost a little extra (and no one wants to pay through the nose!). Paper tissues are a better option than washable handkerchiefs, because the latter can become a breeding ground for bacteria once used.
  • Hydrate: Hydration can help keep skin from drying out. Using a vaporizer or humidifier can help keep the inside of your nose in good order as well.
  • Moisturize: While a plain cream or lotion could help ease your pain, such as petroleum jelly or aloe, you could also look for products that have added moisturizers. Just make sure you’ve used products with similar ingredients before so you don’t put your nose into something that your skin won’t react well to. It’s probably best to avoid a scented lotion.
  • Clean carefully: Hot water and soap can remove natural oils from the skin. Soap and exfoliate can irritate the nose, so choose gentle cleansers and face washes with care to keep your nose clean.

It can be hard to prevent a sore nose, but putting on a layer of lotion or cream before your nose gets too sore could help. Take your pick from the Related Q&As below to nose around for more tips on nose-blowing. 


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