Dear Alice,

What sexual position do females prefer the most?

— The Lover

Dear The Lover,

Stop for a moment and consider this analogy: you and your partner are chefs in a kitchen full of various ingredients, spices and the like (get your mind out of the gutter; there are other questions that address sexy role-plays). Sexual pleasure is the meal you're cooking up and sexual position is just one of the ingredients (or spices, for that matter). By playing with different combinations of mental, emotional, and physical ingredients, there are an infinite amount of delicious recipes for a good time.

Sticking with this analogy, there is no single recipe that is universally liked by all females — or even all people — at all stages of life at every moment. Consider asking your partner what their favorite sexual positions are not just one time, but throughout your relationship and during or before your sexual encounters — keeping in mind that preferences may change from week to week, year to year, or even multiple times during one episode of intercourse. Preferred sexual position may also vary by partner, by location, and even by method of penetration.

For as many different sexual scenarios as you can imagine, there might be a different answer to your question in each situation. Instead of just focusing on sexual position, consider mixing in other ingredients. This might include foreplay that titillates the nipples or other erogenous zones (see the Related Q&As for more ideas to spice things up). Just like adding salt and pepper, passion and creativity may also go a long way in adding the perfect flavor to your sexual repast.

If you are asking this question in hopes of pumping up your partner's pleasure during sex, it's great that you're taking the effort to make it a maximally enjoyable experience for them. Remember, pleasure and sexual satisfaction are two-way streets. Openly communicating and listening to one another's likes and dislikes are the most important ingredients for a healthy relationship. In all of this, keep in mind that there is no one perfect recipe for pleasure, so experiment and find out what lights your partner's fire and yours, as well. With a pinch of imagination, a dash of spontaneity, and a gallon of open communication, you're bound to find a combination that you'll both enjoy.


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